Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation

Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation for sale, package includes Full Robotic Set Up Including MS-50, Data Collection, Desktop Software and all accessories
$ 30000
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Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation Sale complete set includes;

  • 805088 Leica NOVA MS50 1” (0.3mgon) MultiStation with reflectorless EDM (R2000) and high-speed 1000Hz EDM, automatic target recognition, PowerSearch, 5MP imaging, overview camera, telescope camera, Autofocus, WLAN, Bluetooth, RS232/USB interface, RadioHandle interface, USB stick/SD card interface, 1 GB internal flash memory, laser plummet, 2 keyboards with full VGA colour touch screen, electronic guide light EGL, SmartWorx Viva software, Quick Guide and upright container
  • 781305 SmartWorx Viva TS Licence Key
  • 781346 Viva TS Imaging License
  • 777508 GDF321 Tribrach without Plummet
  • 799187 GKL341 Charger
  • 2x 793975 GEB242 Battery
  • 789139 MSD08 SD Memory Card 8GB
  • 6008100 1year Nova (TS/TM/MS50) Basic CCP

If you are looking for used unit, visit sale used Leica NOVA MS50, Angle Accuracy 1”, Reflectorless R2000. Year 2013 and still like new in excellent condition. We also sale the MS60 at Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation for sale

The new MS50 MultiStation from Leica is set to revolutionise the world of geospatial data capture. The MS50 brings together precise 3D terrestrial laser scanning, precision 1” total station capability, digital imaging with elements of photogrammetry, and GNSS connectivity. This advanced measuring functionality and huge range of applications is easy to use and provides a unique solution in the market.


Accurate scanning

  • 1000pts/sec for 300metres
  • Scanning distance for 1000metres
  • MM scanning accuracy

Quick PinPoint R2000 EDM

  • Reflectorless distance beyond 2000metres
  • Considerably decreased measuring time

Wide Angle Camera

  • Obtain target detail with live video streaming
  • Understandable visual documentation
  • Automated panoramic image capture

Hi-Res Telescopic Camera

  • 30x magnification
  • Automated focussing

IP65 Protection Rating

  • Highest in the industry
  • Endures MIL standard rain test

Point Cloud

  • Automated registration
  • 3D viewer
  • External modelling

Dynamic Automation

  • Best in acceleration and speed
  • Automated prism location with PowerSearch
  • Increased service intervals

Visit more spesification info of Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation and Video of Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation video