Olympus Innov-X DS-2000 Delta

Used Olympus Innov-X DS-2000 Delta XRF Analyzer for sale, DS 2000 Alloy, PM, Mining, In great working condition
$ 5900
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Used Olympus Innov-X DS-2000 Delta XRF Analyzer for sale. In great working and cosmetic condition, recently came back from Olympus for a routine service/calibration.

Used Olympus Innov X DS-2000 Delta for sale includes;

  • Olympus DS-2000 Delta & Certificate of Calibration, Modes: Alloy Plus, Mining Plus, Precious Metals, Soil Environmental, Lead in Paint, Dust Wipe, Filter Analysis
  • Standard SDD (<165 eV)
  • Olympus Delta PC Software
  • Battery Packs
  • Power Cords
  • USB Pc Interface Cable
  • Waterproof Rugged Carrying Case
  • Docking Station
  • Wrist strap
  • 316 Steel Calibration Check Reference Sample

Olympus Innov X DS-2000 Delta XRF Analyzer

DELTA Handheld XRF Analyzers provide fast, non-destructive elemental analysis from Mg to U, from PPM to 100%. Used on location for immediate results, they help determine the next course of action, when and where it's needed. Get HHXRF when time is of the essence or materials cannot be transported, damaged, or altered.

The DELTA Precious Metals XRF Analyzer provides fast, accurate alloy chemistry and karat classification with one nondestructive, non intrusive test. Whether importing precious metals, selling or producing jewelry, or processing scrap metal, Innov-X XRF is the ideal choice

The New Generation DELTA Handheld XRF Analyzers are ergonomically advanced with a forward looking design incorporating the latest in electronics, components, and software technology. DELTA Alloys & Metals Handheld XRF Analyzers provide highly specific material chemistry to rapidly and accurately identify alloy grades and pure metals. Get alloy chemistry and grade ID in seconds, from simple sorting to challenging grade separations, from incoming material inspection to end-product verification. DELTA Analyzers can be equipped with 3mm diameter spot collimation for highly focused sample analysis. An integrated full VGA camera takes a live video image of the sample tested and superimposes a spot location for precise test location. Capable of analyzing thin weld beads independent from substrate materials. Analyzes small fixture components, wires and solders.

  • 4 W X-ray tube, 200µA current (max) plus optimized beam settings
  • Tight geometry for exceptional LODs and high analysis throughout
  • Area SDD option plus customized X-ray provides exceptional light element sensitivity pending automatic barometric pressure correction adjusts calibration as needed fast bootup and data acquisition: Faster testing, more results
  • Point Processor: Provides more calculations in less time and leverages more advanced calibration algorithms
  • Integrated Bluetooth for data input and output
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle for enhanced grip
  • Analysis indicator lights visible from 360°
  • Bright, responsive, color touch screen display
  • Accelerometer technology puts the unit into sleep mode when not in use to conserve power; logs impacts for tool management
  • USB interface port for high-speed data download and seamless PC control
  • Hot Swap: the rechargeable battery can be replaced without having to turn off or re-standardize the unit


Weight: 1.5 kg (3.25 lbs) without battery
Dimensions: 260 × 240 × 90 mm (10.25 × 9.5 × 3.5 in.)
Excitation source: 4W Ag X-ray tube
Detector: Silicon Drift Detector
Environmental temperature range: -10 ºC to 50 ºC (14 ºF to 122 ºF)
Analytical range: Alloy and Mining: Mg and up for Rh/Ag and Al and up for Ta/Au; Soil: P and higher
Processing electronics: 530 MHz CPU with integrated FPU with 128 MB RAM; Proprietary Olympus X-act Count Digital Pulse Processor (DPP)
Smart electronics: Accelerometer; Barometer for atmosphere pressure correction of light elements’ measurements
Power: Rechargeable Li-ion battery; Hot-swap maintains analyzer power during battery change
Display: 32 bit Color QVGA resolution, Blanview transmissive backlit touchscreen; 57 × 73 mm (2.25 × 2.9 in.)
Data storage: 1 GB microSD (stores ~75,000 readings)
Data transfer: USB, Bluetooth


More info Olympus Innov X DS-2000 Delta XRF Analyzer visit http://www.olympus-ims.com/en/xrf-xrd/delta-handheld/