Leica Viva TS15P R400 Robotic

Leica Viva TS15P R400 Robotic Total Station for sale. Year 2012, still like new in excellent condition, has been calibrated by authorized Leica and ready to working on the field.
$ 6000
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Leica Viva TS15P R400 Robotic Total Station for sale.

Includes Electronic Guide Light (EGL), 1GB Internal Flash Memory, Laser Plummet, Keypad with Full VGA Color Touchscreen, Bluetooth/RS232/USB/SD card Interface, RadioHandle Interface, SmartWorx Viva Software and DVD, User Manual and Container

Manufacture 2012, still like new in excellent condition. Unit has been checked and calibrated by authorized Leica service and ready to working on the field.

For sale brand new Leica Viva TS16 Total Station, and Leica Viva TS12 5 R400 Imaging Total Station

Leica Viva TS15 Overview

Your Vision: The Fastest Imaging Total Station

With Leica Viva TS15 the addition of advanced imaging functionality and the Leica SmartWorx Viva easy-to-use onboard software makes the fastest total station even faster! Leica Viva TS15 adds an advanced image sensor to the already proven total station sensors. With unique capture-sketch-link functionality, total station images can be captured, enhanced with sketching and linked to any point of interest. With tap-turn-measure any remote point can be measured without returning to the total station. Every vision on every scale becomes reality with ease.

Best-in-class Imaging

Optimize your productivity with exact photo documentation of site conditions. With live streaming of the total station view, you always know what the total station sees. Measure all points without returning to the total station.

Image Notes – Capture an image, screenshot or template, sketch on it and link it to any object in the database

Image Assisted Surveying – Simply tap on the display and the total station will turn and measure the desired target

Best-in-class One-Person-Surveying

Viva TS15 uses years of experience to optimally combine the world’s best total station sensors: angles, distances, drives and the patented PowerSearch target recognition camera.

Search – the unique PowerSearch finds your prism within seconds

Lock – Viva TS15 stays locked onto your prism in the most demanding environments

Measure – PinPoint EDM seamlessly harmonizes with precise angle sensors to complete the measurement process

Leica Viva GNSS Add-on

Add full GNSS functionality to your Viva TS15 whenever you want and combine TPS and GNSS in the most efficient way.

Use SmartStation for TPS setup without the need of control points, traverses and resections

Use SmartPole to save time with setup ”On-the-fly” and measure parallel with TPS and GNSS for double productivity

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Leica Viva TS15 Datasheet - Leica Geosystems