Prodim Proliner 7CS

Prodim Proliner 7CS for sale, Year 2014, very lightly used still like new, been tested, serviced and calibrated by Prodim authorized to be ready to working order and works flawlessly with Prodim working standards
$ 6500
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2014 Prodim Proliner 7CS for sale, very lightly used still like new, only used a few times by professional and well taken care off, systems has been shop tested, serviced and calibrated by Prodim authorized to be ready to working order and works flawlessly with Prodim working standards

Package includes;

  • Prodim Proliner 7CS
  • 2x Batteries, Battery Charger
  • 2x A/C Adapters
  • 1x Standard Pointer Pen
  • 1x Remote Control
  • USB receiver 
  • Leap Frog Pods, Backpack and Tripod

Software included:

  • COUNTERTOP for the manufacture of countertops: measurements, finish, inset panels, and dimension, auto PDF report for CNC-operator
  • Proliner Stone CT software
  • UNFOLD for flattening 3D objects
  • SURVEY Proliner opposite principle, imports DXF file and viaducts in the measured

Prodim Proliner 7 Construct Series

The Proliner Construct Series is the perfect solution for fabricators and installers. The CS machines are durable and designed to be used in tough working conditions. They are lightweight and easily carried on and off job sites. It is the true balance between performance and price.

The Proliner 7 CS is the most compact and lightest in the range. The size and weight reduction will improve your personal working conditions, making it even more easy to transport. The Proliner 7 CS has a large touchscreen, which allows you to easily check, edit and finish your measurements on-site.


- 2D3D
- Fully portable
- No levelling and no targets required
- No hinder and inaccuracies from environmental conditions
- Integrated leap function to increase working range and reach
- Continuous scribing
- Digitize large and small details

- Measure multiple planes
- Check dimensions
- Edit drawings
- Generate CAD files (DXF)
- Tangential contour for optimal CNC use
- Application-based industry software and templating apps available

- 10” touchscreen
- Light weight (8 kg) / Compact housing (32x32x18 cm)
- Direct working range ≈ 15 m
- (without relocating the machine with the onboard leap function)
- Precision of 0.8 mm
- Bluetooth, USB and UTP
- Full set of application-based accessories available

- Eliminate mistakes
- One person operation
- Solid build and precise Prodim mechanics
- Less time on job site
- No need of physical templates
- Immediate digital output ready for production
- No need of third party computer

Download Prodim Proliner 7CS Brochure