Krautkramer MIC 20 Hardness

Krautkramer MIC 20 Hardness Tester sale, brand new, Hardness tester for quasi-static UCI & dynamic hardness testing according to the rebound method
$ 3600
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Krautkramer MIC 20 Hardness Tester sale includes:

  • Operating manual
  • Carrying case
  • MIC 20-BAT NiMH rechargeable battery pack
  • AC power supply / NiMH pack charger (100 to 240 VAC, auto sensing)
  • Certificate of conformity

The GE Inspection Technologies MIC 20 Hardness Tester (formerly Krautkramer MIC 20) is a versatile two-in-one tester combining the ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI) and rebound test methods. The UCI method determines the hardness of a material on the basis of the size of the test indentation left behind in the material by a Vickers diamond after applying the test load. In the case of the rebound method, an impact body is impelled by spring force against the test surface. The impact and rebound velocities are each measured in a non-contact mode; the hardness value is calculated from these two values.

The MIC 20 automatically sets to the corresponding method as soon as you connect a UCI probe or a rebound impact device.

The two methods enable you to easily measure the hardness of your test object in a matter of seconds: place probe or impact device on the test object, and read the measured value on the display. In this way you can measure anywhere and in any direction. We have used a patented signal processing to also put this advantage into practice for the rebound hardness method.


  • Dual function UCI and rebound testing
  • UCI probes

Handheld probes:

  • 10 N (1 kgf) standard MIC 201-A
  • short MIC 201-AS
  • extended MIC 201-AL
  • 50 N (5 kgf) standard MIC 205-A
  • short MIC 205-AS
  • extended MIC 205-AL
  • 98 N (10 kgf) standard MIC 2010-A

Motor probes:

  • 8.6 N (0.9 kgf) MIC 211
  • 3 N (0.3 kgf) MIC 2103-A
  • 1 N (0.1 kgf) MIC 2101-A

Rebound impact devices

  • Ø 3 mm spherical tungsten carbide
  • metal tip Dyna D
  • Ø 5 mm spherical tungsten carbide
  • Metal tip Dyna G
  • Diamond test tip Dyna E

Additional Features

  • Colour display or colour TFT display, 1/4 VGA, 5.7”, 115.2 mm x 76.8 mm / 4.5” x 3.0”
  • Automatic conversion according to DIN 50150, ASTM E 140
  • Test data reported as a curve, histogram, or in table with statistical data calculation
  • Operating Time: approx. 4 hours continuous operation with NiMH battery pack MIC 20-BAT
  • RS 232 bidirectional and Ethernet 10 Mbi Interfaces
  • Weight: Approx. 1.4 kg / 3.1 lbs (incl. MIC 20-BAT)