Fluke 5720A Multifunction Calibrators

Fluke 5720A Multifunction Calibrators for sale, 03 Wideband 17025 Traceable Calibration, 1 year warranty, fresh calibration with certificate by Fluke
$ 12500
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Fluke 5720A Multifunction Calibrators for sale with Option 03 (Provides Wideband Output), Calibrated, 1 year warranty, ready to working order and works flawlessly

Very clean cosmetic and excellent working condition, will be delivery to buyer with a fresh calibration with certificate and full test data performed by Fluke authorized service. This used Fluke 5720A Multifunction Calibrator Loaded with option 3, everthing still in excellent condition, fully tested and is guaranteed functional. It comes with a 14 day money back guarantee


  • Fluke 5720A High Performance Multi Function Calibrator
  • ISO/IEC 17025 NIST Traceable Calibration
  • AC Power Cord
  • User Manual On CD-ROM

Installed Option: 03: Wideband AC Voltage 10 Hz to 30 MHz
Installed Software Revisions:

  • Main: 1.4
  • Inguard: B
  • Installed H/W Assemblies Modules:
  • Switching Matrix: DC Volt Module
  • AC Volt Module: 220V Module
  • 1100V/2A Module: Current Module
  • Ohms Module: Wideband Module
  • Hires Osc Module: Rear Panel

Fluke 5700A and 5720A Multifunction Calibrators

The 5700A and 5720A Multifunction Calibrators are five-function calibrators designed to address the most demanding electrical calibration workload. They source direct and alternating voltage and current and resistance. A wideband voltage option extends overall ac bandwidth to 10 Hz to 30 MHz to cover to RF voltmeters. Both are compatible with the 5725A Boost Amplifier, the 52120 Transconductance Amplifier, and 5205A/5215A amplifiers. All can be automated with MET/CAL Plus calibration software..

In addition to the dependability, simplified calibration, ease-of-use and worldwide support that has made the 5700A number one, the 5720A offers uncertainty specifications that rival anything available today. Customers can get all the performance they need to calibrate their most demanding workload of multimeters up to 8 1/2 digits quickly, easily and reliably. This improvement in performance results from factory testing to even tighter tolerances, and from a variety of hardware and firmware improvements.


  • Internal environmentally-controlled references allowing the calibrator to maintain full performance over a wide ambient temperature range
  • Automatic meter error calculation obtained through using a simple output adjust knob; the display shows linearity, offset, and scale errors
  • Keys that multiply and divide the output value by 10 to simplify work on meters with calibration points at decade multiples of a fraction of full-scale.
  • Programmable entry limits used for restricting the levels that can be keyed into the calibrator, preventing access to levels that may be harmful to equipment or personnel
  • A space key that provides the capability of displaying the instrument’s specification at the selected operating point, calibration interval, and specification confidence level
  • An auxiliary current binding post that allows you to calibrate meters with separate current inputs without moving cables
  • Real-time clock and calendar for date stamping reports
  • Offset and scaling modes that simplify linearity testing of multimeters
  • Variable phase reference signal output and phase-lock input
  • Interface for the Fluke 5725 Amplifier

More Fluke 5720A 03 Multimeter infotmation visit http://as.flukecal.com/products/obsolete-products/5700a5720a-multifunction-calibrators