Trimble SPS855 SPS985 GPS Base Rover RTK TSC3

Sale Trimble SPS855 SPS985 Base Rover GPS, GNSS, Beidou, Galileo RTK Survey setup, The SPS985 Rover receiver has the same constellations enabled
$ 7500
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Sale Trimble SPS855 SPS985 Base Rover GPS, GNSS, Beidou, Galileo RTK Survey setup. The SPS855 Base has GPS, GNSS, Beidou, Galileo enabled. The SPS985 Rover receiver has the same constellations enabled. Both receivers have an internal 403-470MHz radios.

The TSC3 data collector has Trimble SCS900 installed. If you would like a TSC3 with Trimble Access, please let us know and we will swap it out.

Sale includes:

  • Trimble SPS855 GPS, GNSS, Beidou, Galileo Base Receiver with internal 403-470MHz radio
  • Trimble SPS985 GPS, GNSS, Beidou, Galileo Rover Receiver with internal 403-470MHz radio
  • Trimble Zephyr Model 2 Geodetic Base Antenna
  • Trimble TSC3 Data Collector with Trimble SCS900 Software (Trimble Access available by request)
  • 2X battery packs
  • Trimble Dual bay charger
  • Trimble Multiadapter w/ Power Supply for 855
  • Antenna Cable for Zephyr 2
  • Charger for TSC3
  • Antenna for Rover Receiver
  • Antenna wITH Cable for Base Receiver
  • Case/Pouch for TSC3
  • Trimble Carrying Case
  • TSC3 Cradle/Pole Mount

The SPS985 GNSS Smart Antenna is the smallest and toughest GNSS receiver, as a GNSS rover system or as a Wi-Fi enabled base station the SPS985 does it all.

Rugged, all-in-one solution

  • Combines unprecedented strength and durability into a compact form that is easy to use and virtually indestructible.
  • The most rugged receiver Trimble has ever built, so you won’t experience downtime with equipment that doesn’t work.

Trimble xFill Technology

  • Optional Trimble xFill technology expands site productivity by allowing short excursions into valleys and other locations where GNSS corrections were not previously available.


  • Can be easily moved from carrying case to range pole, tripod, t-bar, or vehicle with a single click.
  • Easier and faster to get going and allows for more flexibility of operation techniques.

The Trimble SPS985 GNSS Smart Antenna and SCS900 Site Controller Software are ideal for:

  • Measuring and verifying original ground levels and site features
  • Monitoring real-time cut/fill information
  • Checking finished grade and laid material thickness against design elevations and tolerances
  • Computing progress and material stockpile volumes
  • Monitoring, and conducting quality control for earthworks and paving operations
  • Assessing as-built measurements and generating high quality reports for approvals and payment

The SPS985 GNSS Smart Antenna can utilize more GNSS constellations, satellites, and signals than traditional GPS. The SPS985 delivers greater accuracy in more challenging conditions such as under tree canopy and in urban areas. That also means more uptime using the system and more productivity for job crews. Powered by advanced Trimble R-Track technology and the following satellite systems and correction sources:

  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS and BeiDou Navigation Satellite System
  • Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) such as WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, and QZSS
  • OmniSTAR VBS, XP or HP
  • Precision GNSS base station (RTK corrections)
  • DGPS using UHF radio links (RTCM)
  • Virtual Reference Station (VRS)
  • Trimble Internet Base Station Service (IBSS)
  • Trimble xFill technology

SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver

Save time, money and headaches with the SPS855, Trimble's reliable, easy-to-use base station solution. With remote monitoring and alerts, an internal radio and rover capability, the SPS855 meets all your needs.

Versatile, modular design

  • Use it in a variety of locations -- on site cabins, site trailers, in vehicles, or on light machines
  • Place the receiver where it is protected from theft and weather, then place the external GNSS antenna in a location with clear visibility to the sky  
  • Use it as highly reliable base station or rover

Remote Monitoring and Alerts

  • Web UI tool gives you access to your base no matter where you are
  • Receive email alerts, remotely monitor and reconfigure base stations to eliminate downtime

Trimble xFill technology

  • The optional Trimble xFill™ technology expands site productivity by allowing short excursions into valleys and other locations where GNSS corrections were not previously available


  • The SPS855 uses all currently available satellite signals including L1, L2 and the GPS modernized L2C code
  • It can be upgraded with GLONASS and L5 GPS signals to optimize performance in areas of tough GPS-only conditions
  • Optional GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System