Topcon MC-R3 Dual Antenna GX-55 GPS Kit

Topcon MC-R3 Dual Antenna GX-55 GPS Kit for sale, been shop tested, serviced and calibrated by Topcon in compliance with Topcon working standards. All gears is fully functioning and works flawlessy condition
$ 8500
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Topcon MC-R3 Dual Antenna GX-55 GPS Kit for sale, Topcon Ready Grader Kit and works on multiple machines. This equipment has been shop tested, serviced and calibrated by Topcon authorized in compliance with Topcon working standards. All gears are fully functioning and work flawlessly. 

Kit Includes:

  • 1X Topcon GX-55 Display with Automatics Enabled, 3DMC Software with Grader OAF's
  • 1X Topcon MC-R3 Dual Port Receiver with full auto's
  • 2X Topcon GPS Antennas with twin antenna mount and index ring
  • Topcon Main fall Sensor
  • 1X Topcon Slope Sensor
  • 1X Radio Antenna 450-470 Digital UHF
  • 1X Topcon Transport Case for GX-55 and GPS antenna


Topcon MC-R3 3D GPS+ system developed specifically for machine control applications, the MC-R3 Controller combines the latest GNSS receiver technology, wireless modems, several communication port options, and System Five valve controller into one robust unit. The MC-R3 contains all receivers, radios, and controllers in a single tough housing. A built-in MINTER panel provides status lights and function keys for easy performance verification and system checks. The MC-R3 also features an ethernet port, robust processing power, and additional valve drivers for the widest array of machine compatibility.

Features & Benefits

  • G3 Tracking technology
  • Most advanced GLONASS and GPS dual frequency RTK satellite tracking system
  • Network capable receiver with GSM / CDMA
  • UHF & Spread Spectrum radio options
  • LED indicators for satelite tracking and controller status
  • Advance Multipath Reduction (AMR)
  • In-band Interference Rejection (IBIR) option
  • Compliance with CMR and RTCM industry standard
  • Flash download capability (application code revisions in the field)
  • System Five Controller
  • Ethernet and RS-232 and RS-485 serial connection to GPS receivers and valve controller board
  • Valve Drivers
  • SIM card slot for use with optional GSM radio modem
  • Rugged housing form OEM and aftermarket applications


Topcon GX-55/GX-75 Tactile Control Box

High-quality machine control graphical displays in two size formats to let you select the one that best fits your needs. The GX-55 conserves space in smaller machine cabs, while the larger GX-75 provides more viewable screen area. They can both handle rugged field conditions while instantly displaying the real-time location of the machine, bucket, etc. and project design information.

  • Sunlight-viewable, color, touchscreen LCDs
  • GX-55 in 6.5 inch format
  • GX-75 in larger 10 inch format
  • Integrated grade indicator LEDs
  • Weather protected USB port for easy data transfer

Topcon 3D-MC2 /TS-i3 Inertial Measuring Unit/Tilt Sensor

Double your grading speed with near finished grade precision no matter how complex the design, with unmatched accuracy and speed. Stay on grade and eliminate string lines by adding the compact TS-i3.

  • Unparalleled productivity
  • Repeatable accuracy and smoothness
  • Increase speeds up to 200%