Used Anritsu MS2724C Spectrum

Used Anritsu MS2724C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer, still like new condition, ready to working   more details
Price : $ 8900 In stock!
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Used Like New Anritsu MS2724C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer for sale. Frequency coverage 9kHz-20GHz Spectrum Master High Performance Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

Anritsu MS2724C Spectrum Master Analyzer sale includes:

  • Anritsu MS2724C
  • User manuals/documentation
  • A/C Power adapter
  • GPS Antenna
  • Cables
  • Battery pack
  • Soft Anritsu Carrying case.


Spectrum and Interference Analyzer Highlights

  • Measure: Occupied Bandwidth, Channel Power, ACPR, C/I, Emission Masks
  • Interference Analyzer: Spectrogram, Signal Strength, RSSI, Mapping
  • Dynamic Range: > 104 dB in 1 Hz RBW
  • DANL: –160 dBm in 1 Hz RBW @ 1 GHz preamp On
  • Phase Noise: –100 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset at 1 GHz
  • Frequency Accuracy: ± 25 ppb with GPS On
  • 1 Hz to 10 MHz Resolution Bandwidth (RBW)
  • Traces: Normal, Max Hold, Min Hold, Average, # of Averages
  • Detectors: Peak, Negative, Sample, Quasi-peak, and true RMS
  • Markers: 6, each with a Delta Marker, or 1 Reference with 6 Deltas
  • Limit Lines: up to 40 segments with one-button envelope creation
  • Trace Save-on-Event: crossing limit line or sweep complete
  • Sweep Modes: Fast, Performance, No FFT, burst detect

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