Niton XL2 100G XRF Analyzer

Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 100G XRF General Metal Analyzer
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Niton XL2 100G XRF XL2 100G General Metals Analyzer designed to provide a low cost way to analyse alloys whilst still providing top performance and features that all Niton Analysers deliver.

The XL2 100G is ideal for the following applications:

    Scrap Metal Recycling
    QC/QA Testers

The Niton XL2 100G stands far above the competition, with its many standard features and available options. By utilizing the standard Thermo Scientific Niton Data Transfer (NDT) PC software suite to customize the instrument, you can set operator permissions, generate custom reports, print certificates of analysis personalized with your own company logo, or remotely monitor and operate the instrument hands-free from your PC. Integrated USB and Bluetooth communications provide direct data transfer to your PC or networked storage device, eliminating the cumbersome data synchronization procedures required by Windows Mobile-based XRF analyzers

Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 100G analyzers provide you with many distinct advantages:

  • Precise elemental analysis of alloy materials
  • From turn on to trigger pull to near instantaneous results
  • Very easy to use, even by non-technical personnel
  • Rugged design for the most challenging industrial environments
  • Completely nondestructive test

Standard Accessories
Locking shielded carrying case
Shielded belt holster
One 6-cell Li-ion battery pack
110/220 VAC battery charger/ AC adaptor
PC connection cables (USB and RS-232)
Niton Data Transfer (NDT) PC software
Safety lanyard
Check samples/standards

Optional Features and Accessories Thermo Scientific portable test stand, stationary
(bench-top) stand, mobile test stand


Built for the Way You Work

The value choice Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 analyzer offers high performance and advanced electronics while maintaining the point-and-shoot simplicity that is the hallmark of all our x-ray fluorescence (XRF) instruments.

Sealed against moisture and dust with 100% embedded software tools, these analyzers are lightweight yet ruggedly built to withstand the harshest environments in the field or on the shop floor. Ergonomically designed and featuring daylight-readable icons, the Niton XL2  100G incorporates customizable menus, multiple language options, and a standard analytical range of 25 elements from  titanium to bismuth.

The Instrument of Choice

The Niton XL2 is the instrument of choice to ensure accuracy, precision, and ease of use. It is the ideal instrument to:

- Analyze metal alloys for scrap recycling or final product QC

- Rapid alloy ID for incoming QC

The Niton XL2 is the definitive tool for scrap metal recycling. It provides immediate nondestructive chemical analysis of common alloy materials. With its unparalleled accuracy, you can be sure that the Niton  XL2 100G precisely identifies grade and value of scrap.