Trimble R10 Base Rover

Trimble R10 Base Rover RTK Set for sale, Trimble R10 L1 L2 L2c L5 GPS Glonass GNSS Galileo Compass RTK Set with TSC3
$ 8500
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Trimble R10 Base Rover RTK Set System sale includes:

  • 2X Trimble R10 Base Rover, 20hz update rate, Dual frequency L1, L2, L2c, L5, Galileo, GNSS Bluetooth, RTK capable, 450-470mhz internal RX/TX radio
  • Trimble TSC3 with Trimble Access software
  • Trimble TDL-450H  35 Watt Radio with 12.5khz Bandwidth
  • 2x Batteries
  • 2x Dual Charger
  • Collector Cradle
  • Cradle Holder
  • Cables
  • Crabon Fiber Rover Rod
  • Crain Bi-pod
  • Radio Antenna Tripod
  • Trimble 2 Meter Fixed Tripod

Trimble R10 GPS GNSS Base Rover RTK Set, 450-470mhz frequency internal radio's with UHF Transmit (TX) option enabled in both receivers. So either one can function as a base station or a rover without a need for an external radio. Both the base and rover are currently programmed at 12.5khz (So you would be FCC compliant). These unit's also have the 20hz update rate option enabled which makes them extremely fast. The Trimble TDL-450H radio has a max power of 35 watts for long range surveying. It is also programmed to the 12.5khz bandwidth. That means this entire system is FCC compliant. These unit's track L1, L2, L2c, L5 Galileo, Glonass and Compass satellites. This unit can be used in an RTK set or on a VRS network. This is a complete RTK set.

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