Leica GX1230 Base Smart Rover

Leica GX1230 GPS RTK Base Smart Rover complete system for sale, in good ready to working condition.
$ 2100
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Leica GX1230 GPS RTK Base Smart Rover sale includes the following:

  • 1x GX1230 GG receiver (Base)
  • 1x GX1202 GG antenna
  • 1x ATX1230 GG antenna (with Bluetooth transmitter)
  • 1x Leica RX1250TC Bluetooth controller running SurvCE (TS/RTS/GPS/Roads) and SmartWorx (Rover controller with internal radio modem, color touch screen + alphanumeric keyboard)
  • 2x Intuicom 1200 radios (one base, one rover)
  • 3x ”rubber duck” antennas
  • Base antenna setup: Leica O/P tribrach, carrier, thread adapter
  • Height hook
  • 4x GEB211 batteries (1 new aftermarket, 3 used Leica)
  • 2x GEB221 batteries (1 new aftermarket, 1 used Leica
  • Leica Pro charger with two double trays (charges 4 batteries)
  • GLS17/19 2m Leica aluminum rover rod with sleeve and GAD31 threaded adapter
  • SECO thumb-release bipod
  • GHT56 holder and SECO bracket set
  • RX1200 User Manual and GPS1200 Applications Field Manual
  • Leica GPS1200 Series CD-ROM w/ Manuals, Simulation Program, and documentation for GPS/RX/ATX1200
  • All data, power, and antenna cables
  • 2x Sandisk flash cards (256MB for controller and 2GB for base receiver)
  • Leica instrument cases
  • Rover rod bag
  • 1x GST120 tripod

For Leica GPS 1200 Technical Data info visit http://w3.leica-geosystems.com/downloads123/zz/gps/general/brochures-datasheet/GPS1200_TechnicalData_en.pdf