Used Faro Vantage S Laser Tracker

Used Faro Vantage S Laser Tracker for sale, Year 2017, everything runs well, been certified by FARO authorized, Calibration certificate, 1 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee
$ 10500
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Used Faro Vantage S Laser Tracker for sale, Year 2017, everything runs well, been certified by FARO authorized to operate to manufacturers specifications, includes Calibration certificate, 1 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

Faro Vantage S Laser Tracker, Portable, Large-Scale, High-Accuracy 3D Measurement

The FARO Vantage Laser Trackers enable you to build and inspect products by measuring quickly, simply and precisely. With superior accuracy, exceptional portability and outstanding ruggedness, Vantage Laser Trackers make large-scale 3D measurement easy. They streamline your processes and give you confidence in your measurement results.

The latest generation of VantageS and the VantageE Laser Trackers take productivity and simplicity to the next level. These Laser Trackers feature FARO’s patent-pending ActiveSeek capability to quickly sync up the user and the tracker to measure faster than any other laser tracker in the market today. The Vantage series also includes FARO’s unique RemoteControls™ workflow, which allows a single user to control functions such as live video feed and tracker movements with a mobile phone or tablet, thus increasing mobility and ease of use.

The VantageS is intended for short-to-long range measurement applications, while the VantageE supports short-to-medium range applications.


Reduce inspection cycle times by 50% to 75%:

  • Faster, easier target location with ActiveSeek and RemoteControls
  • Faster, easier setup – no cabling or external control unit
  • With a dynamic measurement output of 1,000 points per second, Vantage Laser Trackers are ideally suited for automated applications

Exceptional portability:

  • Easy transport and setup
  • No external control unit
  • Battery operation capability enhances portability

Realize a quick return on investment:

  • Reduce rework, scrap, and downtime
  • Increase efficiencies in measurement and production times



ActiveSeek capabilities increase the efficiency of Laser Tracker operations by allowing the Vantage to:

  • Quickly and efficiently locate and lock onto a target.
  • Follow a moving target, even behind obstacles.
  • Lock onto the target again when it is in a stable position.

ActiveSeek allows the user to move from one location to the next without the concern that the laser will be disconnected or lose the target. The user does not have to be a tracker expert, and for new users, the learning curve is greatly reduced.

The widest field of view in the industry gives the user complete freedom to move throughout a large measurement envelope.

ActiveSeek may be used with both conventional SMR probing and 6DoF probing.

Fast Data Acquisition: With a data output rate of 1,000 points per second, the Vantage Laser Trackers provide feedback for high-speed motion control and high-density scanning, making them ideal for automated applications.

Integrated Absolute Distance Measurement System (iADM): The patent-pending, 6th generation iADM ensures exceptional accuracy. The VantageS and VantageE series laser trackers are the only laser trackers that measure angle and distance with a single, Class 1 (eye-safe) laser. Measurement reliability is improved because errors and drift associated with two-beam tracker technology are eliminated.

Integrated Absolute Distance Measurement System (iADM): The patent-pending, 6th generation iADM ensures exceptional accuracy. The VantageS and VantageE series laser trackers are the only laser trackers that measure angle and distance with a single, Class 1 (eye-safe) laser. Measurement reliability is improved because errors and drift associated with two-beam tracker technology are eliminated.

SmartFind and Gestures: SmartFind and Gestures allow an alternate method of selecting the desired target in a complex, multi-target environment. With SmartFind, a computer or handheld device directs the tracker to locate the nearest target. This capability is ideal for setting up measurements on complex tooling or structures. In situations where there are multiple targets, ActiveSeek would typically point the Vantage to the nearest target. If the user wants the Vantage to locate a different target, the Gestures (Find Me) capability allows the user to make a simple gesture movement with the SMR to have the Vantage find and lock onto the desired target.

RemoteControls Workflow: FARO’s patent-pending RemoteControls feature enhances workflow by allowing a user to control the movements and other functions of the Vantage with a mobile phone or tablet. Live video feed from the targeting cameras is displayed on the mobile device so that a single operator can control the tracker from anywhere in the measurement area. Remote on/off and scheduled warm-up improve workflow by making the Vantage ready for immediate operation when the user begins measuring.

Exceptional Portability: With an ultra-compact size and no external control unit, these IP52-rated systems have been rigorously tested for resistance to shock, vibration, temperature cycle, and humidity. Vantage trackers provide great portability within the plant or when traveling with the system, and confidence that they are durable and ready for the most challenging environments.

Hot-Swappable Battery: Continuous operation is available with an optional hot-swappable battery pack for even more portability, completely eliminating the need for AC power.

Integrated WiFi: For enhanced portability and convenience, measurements can be taken with WiFi, which supports faster connection time, greater range, and allows the Vantage to act as a WiFi access point. WiFi and wired Ethernet are both active, enabling connection with a PC and a wireless device simultaneously.

Versatile Mounting: Robust tracking enables the Vantage to be mounted on a variety of stands in many configurations including vertically, horizontally, upside down, or even at an angle to fit in tight, congested areas.

Integrated Weather Station: Temperature, air pressure, and humidity can affect measurements. The Vantage monitors these variables and compensates accordingly to ensure accuracy.


FARO CAM2: FARO’s CAM2 2018 is an inspection software package that allows you to complete 3D measurement jobs quickly and gives you the freedom to measure as required by your application. State-of-the-art functionalities improve every process where measuring or scanning are needed.

CAM2 SmartInspect Software: Engineered for simplicity, FARO’s CAM2 SmartInspect is the first portable metrology software for any FARO Laser Tracker, Arm and Gage user who is looking for non-CAD inspection. The software design is simple and intuitive. Even users without any 3D metrology background can be easily trained.

BuildIT Software: BuildIT is the industry’s leading large-volume metrology software solution for alignment, inspection and build applications. BuildIT includes industry best-in-class features such as device bundling and real-time visual feedback in a simple and modern user interface. BuildIT’s automation, flexibility and configurability allow you to streamline your workflows by reducing operator training time and increasing efficiency.


A laser tracker and its targets go hand in hand. Regardless of how accurate the laser tracker is, the quality of the measurements is directly affected by the precision of the target. FARO’s spherically mounted retroreflectors (SMRs) showcase our dedication to providing a total measurement solution – by not only offering high performance laser trackers, but by also providing an accurate, robust, and affordable line of targets.


  • Three models
    • Standard Accuracy (Black Ring)
    • Long Range (Green Ring)
    • High Performance (Blue Ring)
  • High performance model is 80% more accurate than Heavy Duty break resistant SMRs
  • Lower cost than previous break resistant models


  • Ultimate performance in harsh environments
  • Window covering is designed to keep the reflective optics clean

HEAVY DUTY BREAK RESISTANT SMRS: Ability to operate at optimum performance at extreme temperatures

GLASS PANEL SMRS: Standard and high accuracy models

REPEATABILITY TARGETS: Perfect target for repeatability surveys

RETROPROBES: Measure in recessed areas or small features such as holes, slots and machine faces


  • Alignment: Real-time measurement during assembly confirms tolerances and improves quality control.
  • Machine Installation, Alignment and Maintenance: Ensure that machines are calibrated and monitor wear and tear on mechanical parts so that they consistently operate within specifications.
  • Part and Assembly Inspection : Produce a digital record of actual versus nominal data to validate conformance to quality
  • Tool, Die and Mold Building: Perform full volumetric accuracy measurements to monitor wear and ensure consistency.
  • Reverse Engineering: acquire precise digital measurement data on parts or assemblies for which blueprints or CAD drawings do not exist.
  • Robot Calibration: Perform on-site, routine maintenance calibrations on robots to ensure conformance to specifications and uniform output.


Working Range

  • Maximum With Select Targets:  80m (262.5 ft)
  • Maximum with 1.5in & 7/8in SMRs:  60m (196.9ft)
  • Maximum with 1/2in SMRs: 30m (98.4ft)
  • Minimum:  0m (0ft)

Rotational Envelope

  • Horizontal:  360° – Infinite rotation
  • Vertical:  130° (+77.9° to -52.1°) – Infinite rotation

Data Output Rate

  • Measurement Points per Second:  1,000

Distance Measurement Performance

  • Resolution:  0.5μm (0.00002in)
  • Accuracy (MPE):  16μm + 0.8μm/m (0.00063in + 0.0000096in/ft)
  • Max Radial Acceleration:  30m/sec2 (82.0ft/sec2)
  • Max Radial Velocity:  > 25m/sec (98.4ft/sec)

Angle Measurement Performance

  • Angular Accuracy (MPE):  20μm + 5μm/m (0.00079in + 0.00006in/ft)
  • Precision Level Accuracy:  ± 2 arcseconds

In-Line Distance Measurement Performance*

VantageS Laser Tracker Inline Distance Measurement PerformanceIn-Line Distance Measurement Performance

Horizontal Scale Bar Measurement Performance*

Horizontal Scale Bar Measurement Performance

Tracking Performance

  • Max Angular Acceleration:  860°/sec2 (15 rads/sec2)
  • Max Angular Velocity:  180°/sec (π rads/sec)

Stereo Color Cameras

  • Field of View:  50°
  • Resolution:  1920 x 1080p @ 15 fps

Laser Emission

  • Class 1 Laser Product:  630-640 nm laser, 0.39 milliwatt max/cw


  • Size:  240(W) x 416(H) mm [9.4(W) x 16.4(H) in]
  • Weight:  13.4kg (29.5lb)

Hardware Specifications & Environmental

  • Power Supply Voltage:  24V
  • Power Consumption:  75W
  • Battery Life:  8 hours continuous operation (2 batteries), hot swappable
  • Altitude:  -700 to 9,000m (-2,297 to 29,527ft)
  • Humidity:  0 to 95% non-condensing
  • Operating Temperature:  -15°C to 50°C (5°F to 122°F)
  • IP Rating:  IP52 – Dust and water resistant (IEC 60529)
  • Certifications:
    • NRTL listed, MET-C listed
    • EU – RoHS2
  • Complies With:
    • Ingress Protection IP52 per IEC 60529
    • 47 CFR, Ch. 1, Part 15, Subpart B
    • ICES-003, Issue 6, 2016
    • UL 61010-1, CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1, EN 61010-1, IEC 61010-1
    • Laser and LED Safety IEC 60825 and IEC 62471
    • IEC 60068-2-6, IEC 60068-2-64, and IEC-60068-2-27 (shock and vibration)
    • EU/EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, EN 61326:2013, IEC 61326:2012


  • Ethernet:  RJ45 port supporting GigE
  • WiFi:  802.11n (and earlier)

Software Compatibility

  • FARO CAM2 2018
  • BuildIT
  • FARO RemoteControls Workflow App
  • Third-Party Software Plug-ins
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)