Trimble TX5 3D Scanner

Trimble TX5 3D Scanner for sale, brand new unit (never used before), best low price, Trimble warranty
$ 9900
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Trimble TX5 3D Scanner for sale, bottom price!

The Trimble TX5 3D laser scanner is a revolutionary and highly versatile 3D scanning solution for a broad variety of scanning applications. The compact and lightweight design provides unmatched mobility at the job site, increasing field productivity. The intuitive and easy to use onboard interface allows new users to quickly get up to speed.

High-speed scanning with integrated color camera
The Trimble TX5 high-speed 3D laser scanner is able to measure at speeds of up to 976,000 pts / sec and up to a range of 120 m. The system also includes an integrated color camera featuring an automatic 70 megapixels parallax-free color overlay. The end result is detailed photorealistic 3D color images made from millions of measurements. This provides users an excellent solution for documenting existing conditions for BIM, architectural, structural deformations, industrial facilities, heritage, forensics, and accident investigation, where detail and color are required.

The Trimble TX5 is the smallest and lightest scanner available. With a size of only 240 mm x 200 mm x 100mm (9.5 in x 8 in x 4 in) and weight of just 5.0 kg (11 lb), it is easy to move and set up in complex environments. The small and light transportation case provides users with a convenient, safe and cost effective solution for transportation. The scanner also comes with a lithium-ion battery that provides up to five hours of battery life and can be charged during operation. The option to operate via WLAN to remotely start, stop, view or download scans from a distance is also available to users.

Ease of use
Operation of the Trimble TX5 is made easy with a touch screen interface that is clear and concise. The steps required to set scan parameters, manage projects and scan are intuitive and easy to learn. This greatly reduces the time needed to become productive and allows new users to be confident with the scanner operation. When combined with the benefits of working with a smaller more portable solution, the Trimble TX5 is truly one of the easiest scanners to a incorporate into your business.

Automated sensors
The Trimble TX5 provides automated sensors to assist with scan registration and to allow a minimal number of targets needed in the field. The system has an electronic compass to associate directional data to your scans and a dual axis compensator to enable every scan to have integrated level information. A height sensor (Altimeter) provides height information to assist with differentiating scans, e.g.; different floor levels in a building.

Data management
Data from the Trimble TX5 is stored on a SD card enabling easy and secure transfer to a PC. Data is processed and registered in the SCENE software and can be seamlessly imported into Trimble RealWorks software for the generation of end deliverables, such as inspections, measurements or 3D models. Data can also be transferred to 3D CAD packages for application with 3rd party design software.

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