Trimble FX 3D Laser Scanner

Sale Trimble FX 3D with Trimble Realworks Advanced-Plant v7 Software and Dongle, Trimble Trimax Tripod. Has been shop tested and calibrated. Still in excellent condition and ready working order
$ 9500
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Sale Trimble FX 3D Laser Scanner with Trimble Realworks Advanced-Plant v7 Software and Dongle.

Very lightly used Trimble FX laser scanner, unit has been shop tested and calibrated by authorized Trimble certified. Confirmed to be in excellent condition and ready to working order condition.

Trimble FX sale includes

  • Trimble FX 3D Laser Scanner
  • Trimble FX Scanner Cables and Batteries
  • Trimble FX Controller Software
  • Trimble Realworks Advanced-Plant v7 Software and Dongle
  • Trimble Tri-Max tripod
  • Laser Scanner Tripod Dolly with carry case
  • Transport Case

The Trimble FX range to capture high resolution position information has been extend up to 80 meters. The increased range allows more data to be captured from each setup, reducing field time and extending the flexibility for use in a variety of applications. The Trimble FX also includes a new compact design and durable housing that combine to increase portability and flexibility when operating in confined industrial environments.

With the enhancements to the Trimble FX and our broad portfolio of 3D laser scanners, Trimble is able to offer a range of solutions that address the various application needs for the industrial plant environment. 

Managing a plant's lifecycle requires a clear understanding of the location and condition of the plant's assets. The Trimble FX 3D laser scanning solution can be used for a variety of industrial plant positioning applications:

  • Capturing existing condition data for accurate project planning for basic and detailed design;
  • Ensuring dimensions of high tolerance fabricated parts prior to transportation and installation;
  • Verifying as-built construction for quality assurance and additional detailed design;
  • Visualizing real world conditions for training and simulation;
  • Monitoring plant assets and potential movement or deformation during use;
  • Planning retrofit construction projects based upon high accurate data.