Artec Space Spider

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Artec Space Spider is a hand-held 3D scanner designed specifically for CAD users and perfect for reverse engineering, product design, quality control and mass production. Together with Artec Studio software, it is a powerful, desktop tool for designers, engineers and inventors of every kind.

How does it work?

Space Spider is a high-resolution 3D scanner based on blue light technology. It is perfect for capturing small objects or intricate details of large industrial objects in high resolution, with steadfast accuracy and brilliant colour.

The scanner’s ability to render complex geometry, sharp edges and thin ribs sets the  technology apart. It is an ideal industrial 3D scanner for high resolution capturing of objects such as molding parts, PCBs, keys, coins or even a human ear, followed by the export of the final 3D model to CAD software.


  • Fast Scanning Speed (7.5 fps): High accuracy does not have to be time consuming. Artec Space Spider process up to one million points per second!
  • High 3D point accuracy (0.05 mm): Make extremely accurate 3D models of small industrial objects or sections of larger objects in fine detail
  • Impressive 3D resolution (0.1 mm): Capture the geometry of your items with astonishing precision. Space Spider can even render the ridges of your fingerprint!
  • Texture resolution (1.3 Mpx): Make full colour 3D replicas of your object
  • Battery compatible (Portable): Connect the lightweight, 0.85kg 3D scanner to a battery pack, provides up to 6 hours of power.
  • Safe to use (Bluelight) The blue structured light technology used is absolutely safe for scanning people, as well as inanimate objects.
  • Point & Shoot (Simple): No need for preparation, just plug in the scanner and point it around the item as you would with a video camera.
  • Custom Bundles (Expandable): For capturing larger objects, or for creating an automatic scanning system, several 3D scanners can be bundled and synced together

Industries: Artec 3D Scanners are used in a wide variety of industry applications

  • Reverse Engineering
    • Product designIndustrial design and manufacturing
    • Customization
    • 3D documentation
  • Industrial design and manufacturing
    • Reverse engineering
    • Quality control
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Aerospace
  • Industrial design and manufacturing
    • Orthopedics
    • Prosthetics
    • Plastic surgery
    • Custom wheelchairs
  • Science and education
    • Research
    • Training
    • Online museums
  • Art and design
    • Heritage preservation
    • Architecture
    • CGI
    • Fashion