Topcon PS-103 Robotic with FC-250 and RC-5

Topcon PS-103 Robotic Total Station System with FC-250 and RC-5 for sale. Year 2013, like new in excellent condition, calibrated by Topcon authorized and ready to working on the field   more details
Price : $ 9150 In stock!
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Topcon PS-103 Robotic with FC-250 and RC-5 System for Sale. Manufacture 2013, still like new in excellent condition. Has been calibrated by Topcon authorized service and ready to working on the field. Covering with 90-day warranty and 14-day money back guarantee if equipment can not full fill your requirement. 

Topcon PS-103 Robotic with FC-250 and RC-5 System Set for sale includes:

  • Topcon FC-250 Field Controller with Magnet Robotics Software
  • Topcon RC-5 Remote Control and Radio Handle
  • ATP1 360 Degree Prism
  • Instrument Batteries and Charger
  • Heavy Weight Tripod
  • Carbon Detail Pole

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This Topcon PS-103 Robotic Total Station is the ultimate in Robotic Total Station solutions, featuring the most advanced technologies available, PS series robotic total stations are designed to meet the requirements of all job site environments.

  • PowerTRAC prism tracking
  • LongLink communications technology
  • TSshield telemetric security and maintenance
  • IP65 environment rating
  • IACS automatic angle measurement calibration
  • Large graphic and color touch screen

Download Topcon PS-103 Robotic Total Station Brochure at Topcon website