Fluke 5720A 03 Multimeter

Fluke 5720A 03 Multimeter for sale, Fluke 5720A 03 Multifunction Calibrator 5720A with Option 3 Clean Unit, Calibrated by Fluke
$ 17500
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Fluke 5720A-03 Multimeter for sale, this Fluke 5720A-03 Multifunction Calibrator 5720A with Option 3 Calibrated Series II. 

For sale Fluke 5720A-03 Multifunction Calibrator, in clean cosmetic and excellent working condition.

Has been tested and works, calibrated, come including calibration certificate by Fluke

This used Fluke 5720A-03 Multifunction CalibratorLoaded with option 3. Includes everything pictured.

More Fluke 5720A 03 Multimeter info visit http://as.flukecal.com/products/obsolete-products/5700a5720a-multifunction-calibrators