Used Leica P20 with GPS Set

Used Leica P20 with GPS Set, very lightly used, GS08plus and CS10. All gears are in perfect working order, well maintained and ready to use for surveying   more details
Price : $ 22500 In stock!
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Used Leica P20 with GPS Set for sale, year 2015, very lightly used and all gears are in perfect working order. Has been checked and calibrated by authorized Leica service, used by professional surveyor and well taken care. This used Leica P20 set up ready to use for surveying.

Leica ScanStation P20 and GPS Set includes
  • 1x Leica ScanStation P20 Laser Scanning System
  • 1x GVP645 transport box
  • 1x GDF121Tribrach without optical plummet
  • 1x GEB242 Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 4x GKL212 Basic charger
  • 1x AC/DC Adapter for basic charger
  • 1x Daisy chain cable for basic charger
  • 1x Car-Adapter cable for basic charger
  • 1x GEV228 data cable
  • 1x GHM008 Scanner height meter
  • 1x GHT196 Distance holder for height meter
  • ScanStation P20 User Manual & Field Manual
  • 1x GKL221 - Charger PRO & 2x GDI221 - Adapter
  • 1x Tribrach
  • 4x Target
  • 4x Fixed height target pole
  • 4x Flat magnetic mount with 5/8” male threaded post
  • 4x Target tripod 4
  • 1x Leica GS08plus GPS GLONASS Smart Antenna
  • 1x Leica CS10 3.5G Field Controller
  • 4x GEB212 Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 1x Carbon Fiber GNSS Pole
  • 1x Leica GNSS transport box

*** ** Cyclone software and License included